Top 5 Best Magnificent Country For Scuba Diving

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You shouldn’t be surprised considering how scuba diving is the world’s most popular leisure activity.

Over 18 million people worldwide take part in this fun and exciting activity, which requires them to travel to many countries and locations around the globe. While most of us have heard of some of the world’s top scuba destinations, there are still plenty of other amazing destinations that don’t get as much attention but are truly magnificent for scuba diving. Here are 5 of the best and most magnificent countries for scuba diving in the world, including why they are so spectacular for this popular activity.


Malaysia is an enormous country, so there’s plenty of diverse scenery to be seen and explored by scuba divers. Although diving was first introduced in Malaysia over 40 years ago, it wasn’t until 1996 that any significant developments were made on what has now become one of Asia’s most renowned dive sites: Sipadan Island.

Over 50 different species of coral and almost 250 different species of fish have been spotted at Sipadan, but it’s perhaps best known for its resident turtles. While many people choose to visit Malaysia because they are interested in history or just want to experience as much nature as possible, diving is a popular draw card because of Malaysia’s reputation as one of Asia’s top dive destinations. The government strictly regulates diving operations, making sure that all divers receive adequate training before entering anybody of water. This dedication to safety makes Malaysia an excellent choice for both beginning and experienced divers alike.


The Philippines

The Philippines has some of the most extraordinary diving in Asia, from reefs to wrecks and everything in between. This stunning archipelago is at an intersection of two ocean currents that produce abundant marine life, making it a mecca for divers seeking colorful coral and other forms of sea life.

. Besides vibrant marine life, you’ll find a rich underwater history here as well; many historically significant ships have found their last resting place on Philippine reefs. If you enjoy shipwrecks, you won’t want to miss Sogod Bay in Southern Leyte. This sunken Spanish galleon dates back to 1616—it was intentionally sunk by its crew just before they faced a mutiny. Today, you can explore the vessel’s remains with your scuba gear.


Indonesia is a favorite for both beginners and seasoned scuba divers. It offers over 13,000 islands, each with its own distinct ecosystem to explore. From Papua and Bali to Sumatra and Java, Indonesia has an incredible variety of marine life, from sharks to manta rays to coral reefs.


Traveling there isn’t easy though; you need a special permit from your embassy and a doctor’s clearance before you can get certified for diving. Oh, and don’t forget about bringing your own tanks! Often dive shops will rent them out for $25 per day or more depending on where you go. If you’re up for it though, Indonesia is not one to miss out on! It is also worth noting that while many beaches in Southeast Asia have trash washed up onto their shores. Indonesia doesn’t seem to have much of that problem at all. Whether that’s because they have a great garbage collection system. Or just less trash washing ashore overall is anyone’s guess. But it was still nice to see clear waters without garbage floating around everywhere.



With its lush coral reefs, deep blue waters, and incredible historical ruins underwater, scuba diving in Egypt is second to none. In fact, some of scuba diving’s most spectacular sites are located here. Visiting these places gives you a glimpse into an underwater world that has been left undisturbed for centuries.

The Nile River and its five branches, Lake Nasser, and the Red Sea. All make for a myriad of options for exciting diving locations, each one offering something special to experience underwater. Be sure to check out Abu Simbel, home to ancient temples submerged in Lake Nasser. You can also dive at Elphinstone Reef where you will find over 50 different species of fish. Including angelfish, butterflyfish, and clownfish. This site offers great snorkeling as well! There are plenty more amazing sights to see while diving in Egypt so doesn’t miss out on your chance!

South Africa

South Africa is home to some of my favorite dive sites in Africa and a wide variety of scuba diving adventures, ranging from shark dives and seal dives to wreck dives. The country has three oceans and diverse marine life that attract divers from around the world.

South Africa

Some must-see dive sites include Shark Alley in Gansbaai, which offers cage diving with great white sharks; Scott’s Boat, where you can see turtles swimming through a shipwreck; and Dungeons, home to many macro-dive opportunities, including nudibranchs, cuttlefish, and reef squid.

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